Ocean Surveys

15-year expertise

Our team possesses a profound understanding of ocean dynamics in offshore, coastal, and estuarine environments, backed by both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. We specialize in conducting surveys and analysis of waves, currents, turbulence, sediment transport, and water quality.

We utilize a range of cutting-edge tools such as vessel- or seabed-mounted ADCPs, metOcean buoys, pressure sensors, radars, multi-parameter probes, water sampling equipment, AUVs, ROVs, USVs, and USBL technology. Our services cover all aspects from consenting and risk assessment to vessel rental, equipment provision, survey execution, and data analysis.

Our methodologies are specifically designed to cater the needs of marine renewable projects, and we are proficient in operating the various instruments involved. 

Additionally, we maintain close collaborations with equipment manufacturers to ensure the highest standards of quality assurance and quality control.