About us

An independent consultancy in physical oceanography 

Founded in 2010, DynamOcean is an independent oceanography company based in Brittany. Our team is known for its quick response, adaptability, and commitment to excellence.

We have conducted MetOcean surveys and studies across France, Europe, and globally. Offering turnkey services tailored to marine renewables, we provide consenting, risk assessment, vessel hire, equipment, surveys, and detailed data analyses.

With a focus on stringent quality assurance and control, our survey techniques are designed to meet the highest standards.

Our expert oceanographers have a comprehensive, theoretical and practical knowledge of the wave, wind, tidal, and sediment transport dynamics in offshore, coastal, and estuarine environments. 

DynamOcean is also actively engaged in French and European R&D projects, focusing on turbulence, wave prediction, wave-current interactions, tidal energy resource assessment, and sediment transport.This allows us to stay at the forefront of advancements in physical oceanography and marine renewable energy. 

We are based in Brittany, France 

Our headquarters are located in Lannion, in the picturesque region of Northern Brittany. 

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