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Explore our exciting opportunities. Join other bright minds researching physical oceanography 

and delivering metocean solutions to challenging sectors.


  • MetOcean research engineer. (French)  
  • Oceanographic-Hydrographic surveyor Cat A or Cat B.  (French)  


  • Waves directional analysis in the presence of strong current. Application to tidal stream turbines. (French) 
  • Limitations of harmonic analysis for complex tidal streams. Application to tidal stream turbines. (French) 


Explore the wonders of physical oceanography. Engage in exciting projects, from measurements within Europe's fastest tidal streams, to in-depth study of turbulence, to real-time monitoring of waves.


Being expert of the survey or the study underway. Keep applying state-of-the-art methods and techniques. Using most advanced technologies. Training regularly for short-term requirements or long-term vision. 


Supporting and challenging each other to achieve safest working conditions and best-in-class results. Working closely with our clients, our sub-contractors and our partners to deliver the project smoothly. Keeping available at all times for a confident and active collaboration.