Physical Oceanography Surveys

Our team has an in-depth, theoretical and practical knowledge of ocean dynamics within offshore, coastal and estuarine environments. We are experts in surveys and studies of waves, currents, turbulence, sediment transport and water quality.

  • Vessel- or seabed-mounted ADCP, metOcean buoys, pressure sensors, radars, multi-parameter probes, water sampling, AUV, ROV, USV, USBL
  • Turnkey services: consenting, risk assessment, vessel hire, equipment, surveys, analyses
  • Techniques tailored to marine renewables
  • Expert users of the instruments
  • Collaboration with manufacturers
  • Stringent QA and QC

ROV Surveys

DynamOcean has a significant experience of ROV surveys and support including within strong currents

  • Inspections of mooring lines and export cables (offshore wind, wave energy, tidal stream energy, etc.)
  • Inspections of structures: bridges, dams, ports, pontoons, moorings, reservoirs, pipes
  • Inspection of seabeds and habitats
  • Support for construction
  • Support for search and rescue of equipment
  • Support for search and rescue of people
  • Data download from seabed equipment using an optical modem mounted on the ROV