DynamOcean has been delivering successful projects across a wide range of sectors. Specific requirements for each sector is taken into account right from the project development stage.

For the marine renewables energies it is of paramount importance to push the oceanographic instruments up to their working envelope and to continue developing new analysis methods through R&D projects.

2023Tidal stream resource studies (Fromveur  and Raz de Sein straights)
2023Current, waves and sediment transport studies
Seabed- and Vessel-Mounted ADCP, turbidity sensor, LISST, water and seabed sampling
2023Turbine wake characterisation and energy resource assessment at MEYGEN
Seabed Mounted and Vessel Mounted ADCP
2023Training on ADCP data analysis
2023Turbulence analysis from ADV and ADCP data
2023Tidal stream studies for the design of floating dams in Brittany
Vessel-Mounted ADCP
2022ADCP surveys for the TIGER project
ADCP, USBL, Pop-Up buoys
2022Measurement of waves using ADCPs and Waverider buoys for the development and operation of a wave energy converter sitehttps://www.sbmoffshore.com/
2022Design and manufacture of an ad-hoc instrumented platform to be deployed in the surfzone
2021Waves and turbulence analysis using ADCPs.
2021Waves and turbulence analysis using ADCPs.
2021ADCP and CTD measurements for the hydrosedimentary study of an estuary
2021Sediment transport study in estuary of river La RanceEPTB
2021Monitoring of waves and wind during harbour works. Port de Cannes.
2020Due diligence on current and wave studies
2019ROV survey of the mooring lines and export cable of the floating tidal turbine
ROV survey of the special mark
2019USBL positioning of the anchors of a Wave Energy Converter
2019Measurement campaign in 2 distant tidal stream energy sites in Indonesia. Metocean and bathymetry surveys.
In the scope of Tidal Energy Projects in Indonesia (TEPI) initiative.
2019Validation of current measurements using an ADCP mounted on a floating LIDAR.
2019Participation into THYMOTE project on turbulence measurement, analysis and modelling.
Call for Projects ITE EMR 2015.
2019Coordination of MOREDATAS project on turbulence measurement and analysis.
Joint Call for Projects OCEAN ERA-NET 2014.
2018Seabed and Vessel mounted ADCP surveys to study tidal stream upstream of the tidal barrage of La Rance. Layout of water supply pipe
2017Vessel mounted ADCP and tidal height surveys for tidal channel between Luing Island and mainland
2017Wave energy resource assessment at the Nienhagen test site. Tank testing planning and support.
2016Real-time current monitoring to support offshore instrumentation trials
2015Tidal stream and wave-induced current measurement and analysis in French Polynesian Atolls.
2015Real time measurement and analysis for the performance testing of a MetOcean buoy
2014Waves, current and turbulence analysis from ADCP data for a tidal farm.
2014Waves and current analysis from ADP data for a tidal farm
2014Characterisation of the performance of Orkney-located vessels and associated services in carrying out marine renewable operations. Measurements and analysis of waves, currents and ship motion and mooring response. PRoMSSO
2014Waves, current and turbulence measurement and analysis for the tidal-estuarian site SEENEOH. Seabed and vessel mounted ADCP and tide gauge data.
2013Waves, current and turbulence measurement and analysis for the tidal site of Paimpol-Bréhat Seabed mounted ADCP
2013Feasibility study for the river current technology within the River Artibonite in Haiti
2012Current survey work on river locations
2012Real-time monitoring of the tidal stream resource at EMEC’s nursery tidal test site. Supporting the performance validation of Flumill’s tidal turbine.
2012Methodologies for a world wide resource assessment of tidal energy: Aqua-Tidal
2011Waves and current measurement and analysis at EMEC’s tidal test site.
Advanced turbulence analysis using an 8-beam ADP configuration.